Forth Energy proposes to develop three Renewable Energy Plants at the ports of Dundee, Grangemouth and Rosyth. The projects represent a 1.1bn investment in renewable energy and would have a total energy capacity of up to 300MW electricity and 260MW heat. This represents a fundamental change in the way we generate electricity and will place Dundee, Grangemouth and Rosyth at the forefront of helping to achieve the ambitious carbon reduction targets set out in the recent Climate Change (Scotland) Act.

Wood fuel is safe and dependable and provides a source of energy which can be constantly generated. This provides a renewable energy supply which is as reliable as coal and gas but has a significantly lower environmental impact.

The choice to locate the Renewable Energy Plants at the three ports offers an opportunity to deliver large amounts of wood fuel by sea. One typical bulk ship is able to deliver up to 35,000 tonnes of fuel, the equivalent of 1000 lorry loads, allowing renewable energy to be generated whilst minimising the impact on the road network.

In addition, there are existing communities living around the ports that can benefit in a number of ways;

  • Additional investment from new businesses which can be located close to the energy plants;
  • Skills development;
  • Locally generated renewable energy; and
  • 300-500 construction jobs and 40 operational jobs.